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Our History


Future for Kids (it is a local NGO in Rwaza, founded by Veterinarians in Austria/Europe) developed a concept for our well educated kids to find their first job after University. After a short period this project also will be self-financing.

Therefore 4 of our adult kids (Gasore, Gaudiose, Emma and Jophride) founded a company, called „ISANGE BRILLIANT FUTURE ltd. “ to lead an Austrian-Rwandan Restaurant with Chicken Grill, Fast Food and a Gallery for local Arts. Also we will have music events from local Artists and Karaoke, in order to make our Restaurant even more attractive.

After demand-oriented research, we found the right house with a big garden close to the vegetable market in Musanze in November 2016. In only 4 month we managed to adapt and equip this place, we even brought a lot of things directly from Austria, like our chicken grill. The first chicken grill in the country! The Opening was at the 21st of April 2017; about 300 people attended and had fun at our Life Music and the chicken taster.

Only local people will work here together with experienced volunteers from Austria, and our Kids from the Center will be linked together in order to get a high standard of tasty food to a reasonable price. The local people, also the „Muzungus“ in town and the tourists all around the world love this place!

We serve with a smile, a spoon and a heart!

Best Friends Deal


VEGETABLE CREAM SOUP (spinach, leeks, potatoes)
AVOCADO SALAD with sauce vinagrette

Only 3.000 rwf

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE


Mojito (Rum, Soda, Sugar, Lime juice, Mint leaves)
Caribou Lou(Vodka, Lime juice, Honey, Sugar)
Gin Fizz(Gin, Lemon juice, Sugar, Sparkling Water)
Gin Tonic(Gin, Tonic Water, Lemon)

Only 5,500rwf

Awesome Foursome


PIZZA BOLOGNESE (tomato sauce, minced meat, cheese)
VEGETABLES PIZZA (vegetables, cheese)

Only 3,500rwf


Party time

Isange BF Restaurant can cater to any party or event irrespective of how big or small. We specialize in catering with personalised service and special menus on request. In our menu palette, you’ll discover unique and sophisticated tastes - all of which will help you uncover the true greatness of our services

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